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Since we feature only the freshest produce, our selection changes from week-to-week, season-to-season.

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Gifford Farms is a family run business that has developed, literally, from the ground up. We began by gardening to feed our families and selling the occasional pork or beef to friends. The operation has expanded into a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as pastured beef and even pork. We love to do farm tours and encourage our customers to come see how your food is grown! Farming is hard work but it is also fun and very rewarding so we enjoy sharing our experiences.


We currently farm 250 acres just north of Chattanooga, about a 30 minute drive away. The Sequatchie Valley is a gorgeous place with some of the most fertile soil around. The property is fenced in such a way to provide rotational grazing for the cattle as well as hay production and garden plots. During the spring and summer you can visit us on Saturdays at St. Albans Farmers Market in Hixson at their year-round market. Seasonal produce as well as USDA processed meats will be available at our booth.


There is always something new and exciting happening on the farm. Follow us on Facebook to see all of the latest pictures and know what is being harvested each week.

Our Farm


Gifford Farms is a 250 acre farm located just thirty minutes drive from Chattanooga. We started by raising vegetables for our families and selling pastured beef and pork. We are now offering locally grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs in addition to meat. 


We are a family business that has truly established itself by developing real roots in our community. We grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables as well as keeping pastured cows and pigs for high quality fresh meat. We also partner with other local farmers to be able to bring our customers the widest variety of options during all seasons of the year. During the growing season, look for us at St Albans Farmers Market on Saturday mornings at their year round market in Hixson.


If you would like to keep up with the daily goings on at the farm, follow us on Facebook to see pictures and updates straight from the field.



Photo Gallery: Our Farm at a Glance

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